Andrew Eastwood
My work reflects a longstanding interests in the narrative potential of representational sculpture. I am particularly interested in the idea that clothing simultaneously emphasizes and conceals the human form, and that such items as jackets, shoes and handbags have a sculptural quality when translated into decorative objects. With these objects, I aim for a veracity that approaches trompe-l'oeil, so that when the sculpture is life sized they might provoke a moment of mistaken identity, in which terracotta is taken for leather or bone china for fabric.

I am now using Bronze a medium for my work, in addition to ceramics. This came about because I was designing a sailing trophy and has lead to a number of boat sculptures.

I am also interested in pushing porcelain to its limits in terms of thinness so as to enhance its translucency. In these “experiments,” I have achieved thicknesses of about 1 mm for vessels 300 mm tall.

I occasionally make artists books, as I find that it helps me both preserve and distil information which I collect in the process of creating artworks.